Bootstrapping a business to “Have Fun and Be Awesome” at work


I just sent my son off to school with the words “Have fun and be awesome” How many of us could say we feel like that when we go to work?

It’s got me thinking about why I choose to be an entrepreneur and continue to bootstrap our business. About why we are still resisting VC funding to fuel SnapComms growth

So here’s my why..

It’s about flexibility around family, creating new jobs, and a culture where people CAN say “I’m going to have a fun day and be awesome.”

About creating innovation in a holocratic structure rather than a bureaucratic structure. (I believe genius sits in all areas of the organization not just at the top).

About creating a fast pace, allowing quick decision making, and being able to create something of value for customers AND employees. To influence something bigger than myself.

Making a profit has never been a huge driver for me (it’s a great and consistent side effect). We #bravebootstrappers use the profit to fund growth and create more opportunities for more people to “Have fun and be awesome.”

I’d love to hear from any VC-funded companies who don’t have to risk all of the above for VC money to fund faster growth. VCs are in it for the return after all. I’m trying to bring sexy back for customer-funded businesses. I’d love to hear your comments and your stories. I don’t have all the answers and would love to hear your perspectives.

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